Oceanfront Photo Sessions with Hawaii Photographer Mersadi Olson

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Meet Mersadi: Your Friendly and Professional Hawaii Photographer!

I’m Mersadi – a wife, & momma to three littles who constantly crave flavorful tacos, Whole Foods guac and a good sweat sesh! Running is my sweat of choice, followed by hot vinyasa.

We just moved from the amazing east coast, back to Oahu! It has been a dream of mine since leaving to make it back, and we finally did.

My days are filled with lots of make believe, playing in the sand, running kids around, and vacuuming. On the best days it also includes my littles helping me make fresh cc cookies and family night at the tennis court.

I live for moments that bring goosebumps to my spine, the kind that make every hair stick up. Listening to my kids laugh, play with each other, or dance crazily is my favorite thing to date. Yoga pants are my go to – oh and a top knot ( because who really has time to get ready?).

The most powerful message, that I try to remember in everything that I do, is “How you do anything is how you do everything.”  Go ahead and let that sit! Change your perspective and get out there and have a great day! Be happy, be you.. cool?

The Gallery

Friends, Family, Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement, Bridal…whatever the occasion, your oceanfront photo session awaits you!

Book Your Session

Select your session package below and book your shoot time online 24/7! Instant confirmation will be emailed to you after booking.

Beach Session: Package #1

(for up to 8 people, including children)


* 30 Minute Session * 30 Photos (edited), with all printing rights to use as you wish * Color photos, plus a variety of Black & White (if desired) * Sunrise or Sunset shoot times * Up to 8 people (including children)

$495 USD (plus tax)

Beach Session: Package #2

(for up to 12 people, including children)


* 45-60 Minute Session * 75+ Photos (edited), with all printing rights to use as you wish * Color photos, plus a variety of Black & White (if desired) * Sunrise or Sunset shoot timesUp to 12 people (including children)

$1,095 USD (plus tax)

Beach Session: Package #3

(for up to 20 people, including children)


* 45-60 Minute Session * 75+ Photos (edited), with all printing rights to use as you wish * Color photos, plus a variety of Black & White (if desired) * Sunrise or Sunset shoot timesUp to 20 people (including children)

$1,495 USD (plus tax)

(Inquire for pricing on groups of more than 20)

Engagement / Bridal / Groom

(for up to 2 people)


* 45-60 Minute Session * 75+ Photos (edited), with all printing rights to use as you wish * Color photos, plus a variety of Black & White (if desired) * Sunrise or Sunset shoot times * Up to 2 people

$795 USD (plus tax)

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many session shoots are available each day?

A: Due to the limited time available with ideal natural lighting (sunrise and sunset), TWO $495 sessions can be scheduled each morning and evening, or ONE $1,095+ session can be scheduled in the morning and evening. When you click on any of the “Book Your Shoot!” buttons above, you will be shown the available dates and times in the future and you can book online 24/7 based on what is shown as available on the online schedule.

Q: What should we wear?

A: When you book your session you will receive our Style Guide with your booking confirmation email(s).

Q: What locations are best for the session?

A: Much of the preference on location is just that, personal preference. When you book your session you will receive our Locations Guide with your booking confirmation email(s) so you can decide what type of beautiful Hawaii scenic backdrop would be of most interest to you.

Q: How far do we need to walk or drive to get to the shoot location?

A: One of the most appealing things about booking your session with us is that we offer locations within very close proximity to the resort areas you will be staying in. Locations may be as short as a 1-2 minute walk across the property over to the beach, or as involved as a 3-5 minute courtesy golf cart / shuttle ride over to some other resort locations. Either way, our locations are so close you could almost hold your breath between “here” and “there”. You are on vacation! Let’s keep this simple and fun!

Q: What if the weather does not cooperate with our plans?

A: Fortunately our sessions take place on the drier side of the island, on West Oahu, where the majority of days are warm and sunny. However, cloud cover and/or rain may create less than ideal conditions. If weather is expected to be an issue then you will be notified and if the session is not able to be rescheduled for a better day and time then you will receive a refund in full. The majority of the time the conditions and lighting make for great shots!

Q: How long does it take for our edited photos to be sent to us?

A: Due to the post-production editing included in all sessions, the standard turn-around time for your session image delivery is one week.

Q: How are the final images delivered to us?

A: The standard form of delivery is electronic, via email, from a platform called PASS. All final edited images are in high resolution and will be delivered within one week of the session.

Q: Can I download the image files to my computer or mobile device?

A: Yes! After delivery to your email inbox from the PASS software platform, you can save and download the images and do with them what you will. Alternatively, for an additional $100 USD (plus tax) an external USB flash drive can be mailed to you for offline storage and ease of plugging in and downloading to any device with a compatible USB port.

Q: What rights and/or limitations do we have with our images?

A: You have FULL rights to your final edited images, to use them however you want!

Q: Can I receive a discount on my session if I refer other groups to you that book sessions?

A: Yes! Simply share the name(s) and contact information with us of the person or group you are referring and then share this web page (here’s the link: https://www.lovehawaiivillas.com/photography/) with them. When they book online they can indicate who referred them to us and you will receive a $75 discount on your session. Mahalo in advance for “Sharing the Love” as we like to say; for sending us your referrals.

Q: Do you offer any lower-priced packages or packages with a smaller number of photos?

A: No, we do not, and there are some good reasons why that is the case. Due to the increasing demand for high-quality professional photos among our ever-growing Client base, we are not able to offer lower priced session packages than what are displayed on this site. We have worked hard to create several package options to meet the needs of as many people as we can.

An important thing to remember when booking your session is that the value of the session, and ultimately of the final images you will receive from that session, is not derived solely from the 30-60 minutes you might spend with the photographer, but also the careful time and consideration that is taken to prepare for the shoot, to edit each photo individually and to invest in the right camera equipment and software to be able to deliver a high quality product that you the Client can be happy with.

We have found that the most meaningful and valuable “things” that our Clients take home with them after their trip, are not even things at all. It is their newly formed memories from their experiences here in the islands, AND, the beautiful images that were captured with their friends and loved ones, that help to keep those special memories alive for a lifetime and beyond!

Q: What if we need to cancel or the photographer needs to cancel?

A: Cancellations are one of those things that no one ever “plans” on doing, but life happens and plans can change. We understand and simply ask that cancellations only be made for legitimate reasons as the schedule does book up in advance and we plan accordingly. Some of the rare, but possible reasons for cancellation might be inability to travel to Hawaii, sickness, injury or hospitalization of someone in the group, uncooperative weather or delayed/canceled flights.

In the unlikely event that the photographer is not going to be able to fulfill the shoot, as much advance notice as possible will be given and alternative photographers will be recommended.

Available shoot times often fill up weeks in advance. Book your session ahead of time and secure your date!