May 28, 2020 Hawaii travel, tourism and vacation planning update

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First, let’s talk about COVID-19 Case Counts in Hawaii:

  • 3 new cases reported on May 28th, all on the island of Oahu
  • Statewide total since day one is 647 cases, with 604 people having been released from isolation, meaning there are only 26 known active cases ini Hawaii at the moment. More than 50,000 people in Hawaii have been TESTED for COVID19 and Hawaii has some of the lowest case counts in the entire country.

Next, Visitor Travel Restrictions:

  • The 14-day mandatory quarantine for all Visitors and returning residents flying into Hawaii, remains in effect through June 30, 2020, AND, in breaking news TODAY, Governor Ige indicated that the 14-day quarantine will extend beyond that date, at leasts for mainland and international travelers, most likely. This is discouraging news and I’ll talk more about this shortly.
  • Keep in mind that the 14-day quarantine requirements are very strict and Hawaii officials are doing their best to monitor those who are subject to it.
  • Our recommendation is not travel and hassle with the quarantine if you don’t have to.

ONE of the BIG questions is: WHEN will quarantine be lifted?:

  • At this point, we don’t know for sure. There is yet to be any clear communication or indication as to when we could expect to see the quarantine lifted.

Another question is: What is the current state of things there?

  • Many businesses are finally on the cusp of opening, as I mentioned in yesterday’s video.
  • The majority of people wear masks when going to stores, picking up food or other face to face business interactions
  • When at the beach or park, walking or exercising, many people are not wearing masks due to the ease of keeping a good social distancing.

When will inter-island travel open back up? :

  • Not sure, but hopefully soon! It is an important first step and we are ready for this to happen now.

Today’s News Updates:

  • One of the BIG stories of the day was about Governor Age indicating the intention is to extend the quarantine orders, at least for mainland and international travelers into July. The problem with this update, like many others he has made, is that it is void of any other details or timelines!
    • You would think that if an elected official is going to go through the work necessary to update the population of the extension off the quarantine, that he would also choose to share some good news about other plans, or specific things they are doing or hope to do soon, to get Hawaii back to work again. But no, nothing else! Just notice of an extended quarantine with no other insight or information. No deadline, no other details.
    • This is the kind of communication or lack thereof that we’ve been facing from DAY ONE of this global pandemic. The people of Hawaii are getting fed up with this nonsense and it shows in the low ratings Governor Age was given during a recent poll that was done and that is linked in the resources section of the blog post linked in the description of this video.
  • I’m putting a separate video out called “The Sinking Ship Analogy and Why hawaii is Currently the Sinking Ship”. Watch out for that. Suffice it to say, that if Hawaii were a strong seaworthy vessel and it ran aground unexpectedly and started to take on water, the Captain’s inability and/or unwillingness to address the key threats to the ships safety and longevity, the damaged hull where water is coming in, is like Hawaii bleeding out by the closure of businesses and the shutdown of the tourism economy, with no apparent focus or effort on remedying that anytime soon. The ship is taking on water so fast it issei’s hard to say how long it will take before it sinks. Unless the captain of the ship is willing to address all the holes in it that are filling it full of water….the ship and many of its passengers will go down with it. The big question is: Will the Captain also go down with the ship or will he be on the first life raft he can get his hands one and leave everyone else to fend for themselves?
    • I believe this analogy has some real relevance to what we are facing today in Hawaii and there appears to be a fairly signifiant disconnection from reality, with the Governor and his Team. Perhaps if he stopped taking a salary, along with the rest of us, he may have some more motivation to do something about the enormity of the crisis the Hawaii economy is facing? But that will never happen.
  • I am not alone in my sentiments and frustration! Even our own Lt. Governor, Dr. Josh Green, has recently become even more vocal about his own frustrations about how long it is taking to reopen Hawaii for busionesss, at the Kama’aina / local level, and that he thinks inter island travel should have already been opened up, but it hasn’t.
  • It is almost as though the Governor is moving slow, just to spite his Lt. Governor and to make it seem like he is only going to move at his own page. The Governor has yet to have a sincere heart to heart, off the cuff, shooting straight conversation with the people of Hawaii. I honestly do not think he is capable of doing that without making a total fool of himself in the process, so his advisors have scripted him all the way through.
  • In the words of the Lt. Governor, there are TOO many cooks in the kitchen. I agree 100%! And many of these cooks are so fearful of what might happen if we reopen Hawaii, that it sometimes feels like we are doomed to stay closed forever.
    • Lastly, I’ll just say that even inn the face of budget shortfalls nearing $2.5 BILLION dollars, Hawaii’s top leadership is saying they are not too worried and that they can cover the shortfall through cash reserves and other adjustments….without even acknowledging that they are squandering away the hard earned tax dollars that local businesses have paid into the system, right there alongside Travelers like you, who pay significant transient accommodations taxes and other taxes.
      • Look, Hawaii is an amazing place and I’m sure when the time is right, we will bounce back and it will be amazing, but for now, I think it is perfectly appropriate to share our real thoughts and feelings and frustrations about what is going on, because everyone deserves to know the truth and what is really happening. the truth for me will be different than the truth for someone else, but either way, the facts remain that Hawaii is hurting right now, the economy is badly suffering, and a HUGE element of our recovery and growth, will be in the reopening of tourism to the islands, whether people like it or not.

That is really it for today! Nothing else of note to report on.

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If you have any questions or feedback, let us know at If you are ready to book your Oahu vacation rental accommodations, connect with our Dir. of Reservations Amber Schoneberg, at or by phone at 844-577-8800 Ext. 1.


Munro Murdock
Broker, Owner, MBA
Love Hawaii Villas


Broker/Owner of Love Hawaii Villas, Munro Murdock, was interviewed for the following recent news coverage. To be clear, Love Hawaii Villas is in favor of ALL legal Hawaii accommodations options, including hotels, to be able to be open and operate on an equal basis. The discrimination against legal short-term rentals during and following the COVID-19 travel shutdowns is not acceptable and it violates property Owner’s constitutional rights of use for their properties. Much of the media involvement has been in an effort to help dispel misconceptions and to represent the rights of legal short-term vacation rental owners throughout Hawaii, not just for the property Owners we have as clients. Industry leaders, even competitors, have come together to unite in this cause off ensuring equality in the accommodations sector of the Hawaii visitor travel industry!

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